HEN 12000

1.535,09 € (1.228,07 € excl VAT) ($1,750.00 ($1,400.00 excl VAT) ) each



The NOVAWINCH HEN line of hydraulic winches is designed to handle the toughest commercial/industrial applications. Its compact structure is able to mount on different wrecker and workplace quickly and easily. Available in a full range of planetary drives with capabilities from 8000 to 45000 pounds, meets EN 14492-1:2006 and SAE J706 standard, as well as CE approval.


1.100% load-holding automatic multi-disc hydraulic brake. Small braking torque, longer life time.
2.Dual balance valve ensure reliable brake function, winch can be used in both ‘over-wound’ and ‘under-wound’ conditions.
3.Ergonomic free spool knob lifts and turns effortlessly, pneumatic clutch as an optional accessory, meets different mounting demands.
4.Extreme-duty winch sealing, enables superior water resistance.
5.Hydraulic motor can be rotated to meet different oil pipe length.
6.SAE J706 PART6.2.2 duty cycle test, HEN 18000 winch reach 240m.
7.Wire rope, roller fairlead, hook, wire rope tensioner, mounting plate etc various accessories meets different applications.
8.Meets EN 14492-1:2006 requirements:
(1)The first layer of wire rope safety factor (breaking strength/rated pulling) must at least 2 times of winch rated line pull.
(2)Space between drum and tie bar should be 1.5 times of the wire rope diameter;
(3)(Drum diameter + rope diameter)/ rope diameter ≥ 10;
(4)Two wire rope mounting holes on the drum for safety operation;
(5)Winch mechanical structure reach 1.25 times of winch rated line pull.
9.Overflow valve and globe valve can be provided as customer’s demands, for safety operation.